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My son and I were watching Teen Nick program, Unfabulous, on June 5 and I noticed an actor with curly hair wearing this T-Shirt (pictured). cloning-t-shirt.jpgWhether you think cloning is cool or not depends in large measure on your worldview or rather your view of human life.

Cloning also called somatic cell nuclear transfer (or SCNT) removes the nucleus of an unfertilized egg and replaces it with body matter of the person who wishes to be cloned. [somatic comes from a Greek word, soma,  meaning ‘body’]. Think of taking a yoke from an egg and replacing it with human hair, skin, etc. [Human hair, skin, etc. are called somatic cells. This is the same process cloners of Dolly the sheep used.] Once the somatic cell transfer has occurred, the modified egg behaves as a fertilized egg because it has all 46 chromosomes (every cell of a child, adult, etc. has 46 chromosomes). At this junction we have a clonal zygote. To get a cloned baby, we implant this cloned zygote into a woman’s uterus and hope it develops.

Here I say cloning is not cool because any time we tamper with God’s process for procreation, things can go amiss. Take a look at the movie Gattaca for example; there is a pianist who plays a very complicated musical number – only he can because he has 6 fingers! Even Dolly the Sheep was not an exact replica of her mom (the source of the body cells). And Dolly died earier than expected of abnormalities. This whole human cloning proposition reminds me of Frankenstein – remember these episodes? Cloning will take us places I don’t think we want to go. We are not prepared for the ‘unintended consequences.’ Consider the ‘unintended consequences’ of in vitro fertilization (or IVF): 400, 000 frozen embryos (little persons) in storage in the United States.


  1. I do agree with you on cloning, but please with all due respect, embryo’s are not children nor are they little people. frozen embryo’s stand a 1 in 3 (if good thawing happens) chance of thawing then about a 50% chance of regaining lost cells due to thaw and further expansion then about a 10% chance of ever implanting once transferred to a woman’s uterus. believe me there are 1000’s of infertile women who wish it were not true but sadly it is.

  2. ok I’m back,
    I’ve rethought it and I take it back, not what I said entirely but I didn’t give you credit for having your own belief system. One which see’s embryo’s as children as opposed to mine which sees them as a possibility of a child. I apologise for inflicting my opinion without thought.

  3. Jen,

    I am not very savvy; otherwise I would have left a message on your blog. Nevertheless, thanks for your comments. Perhaps, I should say this: an embryo is a very small human person in its earliest development. Of course, an embryo does not look like us but it will after 9 months.

    And no need to apologize.


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