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grandpa-bert-with-briana-and-rita.jpgIf I had a choice to be around younger people or older people – I would take older people. Most older persons are not pretentious; they are funny (and willing to laugh at themselves); politely bold (keep reading); don’t readily judge or criticize; and are so encouraging. I have not met a ‘cranky old man’ yet. This reminds me of my grandparents – Willa Mae and Henry. Henry (83 years old) calls Willa Mae (81 years old), “baby”. Willa Mae, a former high kicking majorette in high school, is suffering from dementia. They have been married for over 60 years. I am the first grandson and they often remind me of my stubbornness as a young boy. My grandfather, a former brick mason and former stand out high school athlete (he could have went to the NFL), is hilarious. He makes his own shoes; not just any shoes. (The photo in this post shows my wife & daughter with my great grandfather – Bert Brown and Aunt Glen. Brown born in the late 1800s was known to pull his own teeth; yes, that’s right he pulled his own teeth. And he was known to ride his bike in his early 90s to the river to fish.)

I am also reminded of my experience at the late Dr. Dennis Spellman’s memorial service at Lindenwood University on Friday, September 8. Unknowingly I sat by three older ladies at the service. One had difficulty lifting her leg over the bleacher so I helped her. Another lady asked me boldly but politely if I had a cell phone? I said yes and she handed me a laminated card with a phone number to call which I was glad to do. And finally at the conclusion of the service, another older lady who used a walking cane said to me, “You had to sit by the old ladies.” She thought maybe I felt this a curse but I responded, “I was glad to.” Older people are such a rich repository of history and culture. I would be wise to listen and learn from them.


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  1. I have enjoyed your BLOG site. I most enjoyed checking out your picture from the Mexico family vacation. Must be nice. I also agree with older or seasoned saints. Ditto all you have said. As for Katrina nd the thoughts – Ditto again! I can’t respond to everything you have on hear, but you go my friend!!

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