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keypad.jpgI am sure you recognize the device to your left; it’s known as a numeric keypad. You typically see them adjacent to cash registers. This cool miniature device allows you to pay for groceries, etc. by entering a pin number; a private number tied directly to your checking or savings account at your local bank or credit union or whatever institution serves as the respository for your money. By entering the ‘secret’ combination of numbers, money for the transaction is taken directly and instantly from your account. I think this is called a ‘point of sale’ transaction. This is a convenient little device as you don’t have to carry cash or write a personal check.

While I laud these conveniences, my brain or rather my memory/recall capability is being taxed with so many numbers or passwords to remember in our technopoly world (Neil Postman writes a great book entitled, “Technopoly”). Currently, I have:

  1. a pin number for my bank accounts;
  2. a pin number for my voice mail at work;
  3. a pin number for our home phone voice mail;
  4. a password for my e-bay account;
  5. a pin number for my UMSL student account;
  6. a password for my home e-mail account;
  7. a pin number for my work e-mail account;
  8. a pin number for Amazon account;
  9. a password for my Borders Bookstore account;
  10. a password/pin number to access Ballwin Athletic Association (needed to register for son for baseball season);
  11. a password for a staff/faculty portal at work; and finally
  12. a pin number to gain access to the Rockwood School District’s ‘Infinite Campus’ (a website for my wife and I to check on our kids’ grades).

That’s twelve instances; and those are the ones I remember as I am sure I have forgotten some or many more. Some would say – stop complaining and use the same pin number or password over and over again. But what about the real threat of idenity theft or computer hackers? Isn’t this a no-no according to IT gods? Bottomline: technology use has advantages and disadvantages. But I thought technology was billed to make our lives easier?



  1. Hey, Luke, it looks like you’re up and running pretty well on WordPress. Site looks good. Here’s to a happy blog experience for you and your readers.

  2. just found your blog via my dashboard dooby, and seriously pleased to have done so, love what I have read so far.

    comment for this post is. and don’t forget the numbers you need to remember on top of pin numbers, our world is ruled by maths there is no escaping numbers.

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