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doylec82.gifI am a cynic.  In my view, cynicism has positive and negative consequences.  Negatively, being a cynic can rob you of intimacy/closeness with those who truly care about you.  In other words, cynicism is an enemy of intimacy.  And being cynical can rob you of receiving and appropriating genuine/authentic feedback or encouragement. 

Positively, I think being a cynic is helpful at times because it keeps our feet firmly planted in reality.  Everything is not wonderful.  And we shouldn’t look through ‘rose tinted’ glasses; because we are severely flawed, this world is severely flawed, and human relationships are severely flawed. 

Friend and colleague Dick Keyes has written a good book on the topic.  The book is entitled, “Seeing Through Cynicism: A Reconsideration of the Power of Suspicion.”  I have heard the material for this book in his lectures! Dick and wife, Mardi, head the L’Abri in Southborough, Mass.


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