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On my way home one day, I stopped at the local post office to do what one does at a local post office – purchase stamps and mail some packages and letters.  Like most of the customers I pulled a number and waited patiently for my number to be called.  An elderly lady’s number was called.  The lady, who was slightly bent over as she walked,  moved slowly to the counter where a clerk was waiting to serve her.  And something all too common happened next, the clerk raised the volume of her voice.  From where I was standing I did not see any visible hearing aids or devices.  She showed no indication of being hard of hearing.   I could understand the clerk raising her voice if the lady was several feet or meters away but their beautiful faces were a few inches apart.  Isn’t this odd?  Why do we raise our voices at the elderly?  Do we equate difficulty hearing with old age?  If so, why?


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