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Every human person is arrogant about something.  It could be a special skill (operating on the delicate brain) or talent (singing or writing or leading) or one’s health or family name.  However, life has a way of dealing us our own tailor-made ‘breaking point.’  In other words, every human person has something that conquers him or her; something that forces a person to raise his or her hands and say, “I surrender, help me.”  One such ‘breaking point’ for me was taking a Beginning Greek course in seminary.  This beginning Greek course taught the basics of the Greek language, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc.  This beginning Greek course broke my arrogance as “all-knowing math whiz.”  Breaking our arrogant streaks is a healthy thing as this often painful process helps us to realize that we are still fragile and finite and that whether we want to confess it or not, we are still very dependent on someone much bigger than ourselves.  And as I have been trying to subtly communicate with the bold-italic form of beginning, sometimes the most basic things in this world are used to humble us or to put it in my late grandmother Mama Jane’s words, “sometimes the most simple things in life are used to knock us off our high horses.”  All this humbling business is not an easy pill to swallow for those who have been immersed in a ‘can-do-it-pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps’ American culture.

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