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toilet-paper.jpgSomething happened at work today that prompted this post.  My office is in a-house-converted-to-an-office building.  So, my building is a public place.  There are two public bathrooms in our building.  One on the first floor; the other one in the basement.  I went to the bathroom on the first floor only to find that an extra roll of toilet paper had not made its way onto the spindle.  It (the spare roll) sat there on top of the tank lid. This happens at home too.  An empty spindle too often when my wife and I go to the restroom.  I think my kids are the culprits.  Living in community means all the occupants are considerate of each other.  Or let’s say it this way: all occupants of a living space ought to be making strides or attempts to be considerate.   One small way to be considerate is to kindly replace the toilet paper. 


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