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swiss-ladies-01.jpgI like people who live in rural areas (people are often down to earth, not pretentious, and the pace of life is a bit slower).  One such place is Pawnee, OK.  My wife’s great aunt stays there.  In Pawnee, I sit on the porch (in my pajamas) and everyone waves as they go by.  The creator of the comic strip, Dick Tracy was born and raised in Pawnee.  Pawnee is one of those towns you can literally drive through in a few minutes.

Another such place is Swiss, MO.  Where the heck is Swiss, MO you ask.  Well, it is next to Hermann, MO.  and near Washington, MO.  That probably doesn’t help.  Perhaps, Swiss’ claim to fame is the award winning Swiss Meat and Sausage Company (click on ‘Swiss Meats’ under Blogroll).  Cool place; I took a tour of the company several years ago.  I go to Swiss, MO to preach at the Swiss Reformed Evangelical Church from time to time.  I integrate the place (I am the only black person in the place).  But is such a cool experience.  I love the people! Pictured with me in front of the church is left to right, Ann (?) and Lucy (the organist).


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