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Along I-70 West in Missouri you will notice several signs and billboards with the word ‘historic.’  Knowing or studying ancient, personal, American, or World history is indeed important.  History is invaluable.  It is because of my grandfather’s medical history that I was proactive to get a colonoscopy.  He died early of colon cancer.  A genogram is a pictorial topology of a person’s family.  It is often used to detect predispositions like alcoholism, depression, etc.  Again, history proves valuable.  Studying history frequently reviews that there is really nothing new under the sun.   For instance, our culture’s obsession with youthfulness finds its origin with alchemists from ancient Egypt.  Studying history helps us to enter the world of yester-year.  Studying history helps us to avoid mistakes made by people of yester-year.  Studying history gives us insight into some key people and events.  However, history oftentimes is difficult to read about.  For example, it is hard to stomach the murders by Al Capone and other gangsters and US slavery.  History helps us to interpret the present.  In history we find wisdom.  In history we find both truth, error, and ‘not the whole truth.’  Historicity often proves truthfulness.  I am sad that many young people are disconnected from history.  I think it is wise for families to share their history with their kids, grandkids, etc.


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