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Mention the word race and you will get mixed reactions and responses.  Personally, as a Christian who is African American, I am weary of talking about racial reconciliation.  Let me be more direct: talking about race relations makes me want to scream!  To me it is clear in Scripture that what formerly separated us is no longer there.  Christ demolished ‘it’ by His death on the cross.  I’ve told a group of seminarians this before: God is from the ‘Show Me’ State; He wants us to show Him that we believe His authoritative words that He carefully recorded for us.  Will it be awkward to reach across racial and class lines?  Yes.  Will it be uncomfortable? Yes.  Will it take a while? Yes.  Will we make mistakes? Yes.  Yet, I am called to look beyond the awkward-ness, uncomfortable-ness, mistakes, and time commitment and just do it.



  1. Luke– great thoughts. I agree with you completely.

    Awhile back, we spoke about how to “show me” when it comes to this– how about a blog post on how a Christian (and his family) might step up and do it?

  2. Well, I don’t agree with you completely.

    When will the white theologians and the white church reach? When will they preach and practice their Christian faith and stop ignoring the very real problem of white supremacy and racism? When will they stop being so silent?

    For further reading, please consult:
    “Theologians and White Supremacy: An Interview with James H. Cone”, by George M. Anderson as it appeared in the November 20, 2006 edition of America (Vol. 195, No. 16, Whole No. 4753)

    White theologians, church leaders, and lay people have been entirely too silent, for centuries, about racism and white supremacy. That silence is complicity.

  3. amen.

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