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Tonight I attended an opera at Covenant Theological Seminary.  This opera entitled “A Window to The Soul” is one that I partly helped plan.  Needless to say, I was a bit anxious about giving my opening remarks because of several reasons.  One reason is that I always associated opera with the ‘high brow’ or elitist crowd.  A crowd that did not welcome people like me.  Another reason is I know absolutely nothing of opera; I was not exposed to opera as a kid or otherwise.  My wife and I did see the Phantom of the Opera in NY in summer 2006 (that was cool).  But seeing one opera does not make an expert.

Fortunately one of the opera singers helped me with my opening remarks.  As I sat there hearing arias and other operatic pieces in Russian, Italian, French, and German I was just captivated by the voices and the body language.  It is obvious that you don’t necessarily need to know the language because the message is communicated; the message could be passionate love, fear, despair, or hope.  The use of the voice and body movement work in concert to communicate the message.  Tonight, I heard music by Mozart, Paisiello, Mahler, and Bizet.  Bravo!

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  1. I’m glad the opera event went well tonight. I am interested in hearing more about the experience.

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