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firstsnow31.jpegOne great privilege of living in the mid-west (ok, St. Louis, MO)  is experiencing the seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer.  And the ‘first snow’ is a signpost that winter is near or ‘nipping at our noses.’  The ‘first snow’ is so beautiful, amazingly bright and pure white!  Isn’t it ironic that what can be so beautiful to look at, create memories with, and play in can also be dangerous to navigate in (try walking or driving on ice covered streets or sidewalks)?  Nonetheless, the ice covered branches on our trees and snow blanketed surfaces are so picturesque of a ‘winter wonder land.’  However, I am glad to be at home today.  My daughter asked me to ‘strike a pose’; she said I was a ‘natural’ (a natural for what I should have ask? Modeling?).  I am attempting to get ice and snow off her car.


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  1. Nice blog. I peeped at just a few entries. I am impressed that you keep up with it. I blog on a couple of sites; I am horrible at up-keep. (Who would’ve figured as much as I like to talk?)

    I missed this snow that you were shoveling. At that time, I was basking in the sun of Kimberley, Northern Cape Province, Republic of South Africa!

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