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duct-tape-works.jpgShrek, once he saw his princess, said, “I am a believer.”  Duct tape is tacky; sticky.  My carpet was quite wet in my home office which is located in our basement.  I found the source: a tiny hole in our concrete wall allowed water to squirt in (so much rain has saturated the lawn this water had to go somewhere).  Once I found the hole, I put my finger over it to stop the water.  I thought about it; I could not stand there all night with my finger over the hole, however.  Duct tape!  I put duct tape over the spot and it actually substantially reduced the amount of water coming in.  The duct tape actually stuck to the concrete wall.  Forget about the jokes about gray duct tape; it works.  A good chunk of my carpet and padding is ruin but I marvel over the effectiveness of the duct tape. Despite all the jokes duct tape users get, I am a believer!  Hail to the inventors of ‘duct tape.’ (In the picture, the duct tape is on the left of this main water shut off.)

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