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img_0349.jpgIt was my turn to walk Minnie.   Minnie gets so excited when she sees her pink leash.  She actually dances on all fours.  It’s a funny sight.  Minnie is a beagle mix.  As we walked or rather as Minnie pulled me along, she stopped to do a ‘number 2.’  After she took care of business, she kicked her hind legs in an attempt to cover her droppings or her mess.  Nothing was kicked up however.  No grass, no leaves flew.  Minnie got an A for effort.  It was a bit funny seeing Minnie kick those hind legs in succession; I must admit.   Yet she taught me that I should clean up my messes too.  The second lesson Minnie taught me was to get excited about things I like to do.  Thanks Professor Minnie! (You have heard the line, ‘she is not beautiful but she has a nice personality.’  A friend said this about Minnie…ouch!)


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