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My wife and daughter often hear me asking “is that her real hair?”  One or both of them will respond, “Of course not, can’t you tell?”  Nope, that’s why I asked in the first place!  We live in a culture where people:

  • fake their identities (i.e., identity theft);
  • fake their hair length;
  • fake their appearance  (e.g., enhanced body parts);
  • fake their age (in dress and/or behavior); and
  • fake their social-economic standing (some people live way above their means or income level just to impress, for image building or to keep up with the image of the ‘Jones’).  

Some doctors have been known to fake their credentials.  Some men give fake lines or fake credentials to pick up girls.  Some ladies wear fake eyelashes and fake nails.  Some high school and college students fake (or cheat) their way through school.  Many people are dissatisfied with their image in our an image driven society.   Several industries are making a mint because of our discontent.  Will the real you please stand up!


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  1. To be real is quite a challenge that is quite counter-cultural. I continue to be challenged with what it means to be real in close relationships as well is how I present myself to others. BTW, my hair length is real, but I am cutting it on Tues.

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