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Athletes like Magic, Steve McNair, Albert Pujols, Steve Young, Peyton Manning, and Michael Jordan have the ‘it factor.’  Others from other industries have the ‘it factor.’  I believe Katie Couric has the ‘it factor.’  Jay Leno has the ‘it’ factor.  The ‘it factor’ is hard to explain.  But there are some world citizens who have that ‘special something’ that makes them larger than life; that elevates their abilities to a category of almost ‘superhuman.’  My 12 year old son (I am pretty sure) has the ‘it factor.’  It is hard to explain but others have noticed this ‘it factor’ in my son before I did.  I’ve said this ‘tongue and cheek’ before but I believe it more and more: “my son could become the first black president of the United States of America.’  Because he has that ‘it’ thing!


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