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Today, I ‘interrogated’ my daughter’s second boyfriend at a local St. Louis mall.  I am glad this is only her second boyfriend (today she turns 18 years old).  Men who have daughters understand this last statement (maybe).  Interviewing boyfriends can be stressful and awkward.  Why?  Because I was once a 18 year old male.  I ran the first boyfriend away but he came back (part 1).  However,  my daughter ran him away the second time.  He fooled me.  I posed several general and specific father-to-boyfriend type questions to this second boyfriend.  He answered my questions quite well.  He even answered ‘yes, sir.’  Dang, I didn’t expect this at all.  He had good manners.  His pants did not sag.  He plays high school football.  He was quite the gentleman.  He understood the routine; and he understood why I was interrogating him.  We (my wife and I) have invested much in our daughter.  It is hard to explain.  I went expecting to find a real loser I think but I know my daughter well enough that this would not be the case.  I left feeling mixed and relieved.  I left feeling ‘cautiously optimistic.’  On the surface, he seemed ‘ok’ but I also know he is me (a broken male).  I left hopeful but also I departed being realistic.

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