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Monthly Archives: January 2007

A friend sent this url address to me:

Check it out.  Click on video footage titled, “Young student’s documentary leaving audiences stunned.”


The phrase ‘gets my goat’ originated in the US newspaper, the Stevens Point Daily Journal, Wisconsin, May 1909, in a fanciful story about a burst water pipe.  I think I understand its meaning: things that annoy or anger a person.  Calling a business only to get an automated teller/clerk really gets my goat.  It’s so annoying.  So many menu options; so much mental work to get to live person.  Is there any justice?  The second thing that gets my goat or is annoying is scheduling appliance repair people.  Gone are the days in which you can schedule a repair person at an appointed time (say, 9 am).  Now, a person is given a time range of a repair person’s availability, e.g., 9 to 5 pm.  Meaning, a repair person can come any time within this window.  This means of course that I am on call and must stick close to home.  This is annoying to me.

We often hear these words, “believe in yourself”.  I gather that these words mean to believe in your own abilities and will power and cognitive abilities to make it, to endure, etc.  We hear them from ‘successful’ and public people like Oprah.  We hear these words from athletes.  We hear these words from entertainers, movie stars, etc.  I heard them at my son’s elementary school last year.  It’s hard for me to embrace this seemingly ‘America’s religion.’  Why?  The more I learn about myself makes me shudder to think that I can believe in myself to make it.  I am much too weak, finite and broken to believe in myself.  It seems to me that I need someone outside of myself to help me navigate the treacherous and often unpredictable waters of life.  It seems to me that I need someone outside of myself more powerful than myself; someone who is all knowing, infinite and quite cool.

I am just curious about something.  This statement will date me but I remember when we bought a bed that included the frame, head board, foot board and the mattresses.  Not today.  The mattress is extra and must be bought separately.  I remember when cardboard boxes were free and in abundance.  Not today. Now we must buy cardboard boxes.  I remember when the men and women who handled our bags at the airport curbside were grateful to receive a tip.  Now, it is required of passengers to give these folks a fee (if one chooses to use this service).  What’s going on?  What’s next – a fee to use the web? Needless to say, but I think I am being ‘nickeled and dimed’ more frequently these days. 

I asked a mother at our sons’ basketball game on Saturday, January 6 this question, “where is your husband?”  Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared for her response.  She responded, “he left the family because he wants to be happy.”   I almost cried and I wanted to scream.  Today someone told me that his best friend is divorcing his wife because he wants to be happy.   Is happiness circumstantial? Where is true happiness found? Can true happiness be bought?  Is happiness found snuggling up to someone of the opposite or same sex? Is happiness found in a face lift?  Is happiness found in a nice portfolio?  Is happiness found in riches (like in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness)?  True happiness is found in knowing that I loved beyond any human measure by the God of the Universe.  God’s love for me can not be calculated or quantified.  True happiness is found in knowing that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob accepts me based on His son’s death.  True happiness is found in ‘walking in’ or living by God’s truths.  True happiness is located in someone outside ourselves; that person is the God of the Christian Bible.

The ‘benefits’ of funerals seem like an odd title/subject.  But think about it.  I thought about some benefits while attending a funeral in Kansas City, MO on Wednesday, January 3.  Funerals while they are a sad occasion do afford families an opportunity to get together in this busy world where scheduling formal get togethers is quite difficult.  Funerals also provide those who attend a sober reminder of our mortality.  We will not live forever; thus, we should not get too comfortable with our little creature comforts.  Additionally, funerals have a way of forcing us to think about our life priorities.  And funerals afford people the opportunity to serve and mourn with the grieving family.  This takes the attention off our self-absorbed selves and we are forced to think and care about others.

My only daughter who recently turned 18 is seriously dating.  By seriously dating I mean she is dating one guy.  I didn’t anticipate that I would hate it.  I met the young man some days ago (see post, “Interrogate the Boyfriend, Part 2”) but it is still difficult to accept the reality thay my daughter is nearly an adult and in the arms of another male.  I guess I am having trouble letting go.  I told my wife last night; I wish she was a little girl again.   Life was easier then.  I was her ‘man.’  Not now but another guy is her man.