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I asked a mother at our sons’ basketball game on Saturday, January 6 this question, “where is your husband?”  Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared for her response.  She responded, “he left the family because he wants to be happy.”   I almost cried and I wanted to scream.  Today someone told me that his best friend is divorcing his wife because he wants to be happy.   Is happiness circumstantial? Where is true happiness found? Can true happiness be bought?  Is happiness found snuggling up to someone of the opposite or same sex? Is happiness found in a face lift?  Is happiness found in a nice portfolio?  Is happiness found in riches (like in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness)?  True happiness is found in knowing that I loved beyond any human measure by the God of the Universe.  God’s love for me can not be calculated or quantified.  True happiness is found in knowing that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob accepts me based on His son’s death.  True happiness is found in ‘walking in’ or living by God’s truths.  True happiness is located in someone outside ourselves; that person is the God of the Christian Bible.



  1. Amen

  2. While many people are confused about happiness, and think their challenges are putting them out of happiness, when really those difficulties are bringing them the opportunity for greater happiness, it is not so simple to recognize merely that true happiness is being with God.
    As I explain in my new book A Simple Guide to Happiness: From a mystical perspective, its all in your attitude. People can beleive in God and still make constant mistakes in the area of happiness. Wealth doesn’t make you happy, but appreciation of what you have. Even now that I am convinced of the existence of God, I still need to work on the character trait of appreciation.

  3. Luke
    I stumbled upon this. Love it.

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