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We often hear these words, “believe in yourself”.  I gather that these words mean to believe in your own abilities and will power and cognitive abilities to make it, to endure, etc.  We hear them from ‘successful’ and public people like Oprah.  We hear these words from athletes.  We hear these words from entertainers, movie stars, etc.  I heard them at my son’s elementary school last year.  It’s hard for me to embrace this seemingly ‘America’s religion.’  Why?  The more I learn about myself makes me shudder to think that I can believe in myself to make it.  I am much too weak, finite and broken to believe in myself.  It seems to me that I need someone outside of myself to help me navigate the treacherous and often unpredictable waters of life.  It seems to me that I need someone outside of myself more powerful than myself; someone who is all knowing, infinite and quite cool.



  1. I am not sure there is a more discouraging message then the believe in yourself message. Knowing a little of myself, I am shuddering with you on this one Luke.

  2. Mark,

    this message is so deeply ingrained in our society.


  3. And that someone would be Jesus Christ Son of God. In Romans it says, there is no good in us, how can we believe in something so ‘no good’? Thank God for the faith of Him, By Him and from Him for us.

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