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The phrase ‘gets my goat’ originated in the US newspaper, the Stevens Point Daily Journal, Wisconsin, May 1909, in a fanciful story about a burst water pipe.  I think I understand its meaning: things that annoy or anger a person.  Calling a business only to get an automated teller/clerk really gets my goat.  It’s so annoying.  So many menu options; so much mental work to get to live person.  Is there any justice?  The second thing that gets my goat or is annoying is scheduling appliance repair people.  Gone are the days in which you can schedule a repair person at an appointed time (say, 9 am).  Now, a person is given a time range of a repair person’s availability, e.g., 9 to 5 pm.  Meaning, a repair person can come any time within this window.  This means of course that I am on call and must stick close to home.  This is annoying to me.


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