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  • Jackass Penguins. My header pictures some ‘jackass penguins.’  The adjective, ‘jackass’, because these penguins in South Africa bray like you guessed it, donkeys.  Thus, the name. 
  • Celebrity culture.  Is YouTube feeding our innate desire to be famous, be known?
  • Beautiful.  Beautiful is seeing a bright red cardinal against the backdrop of falling white snow.


  1. I like the new look Luke and dig the penguin picture.

  2. i can’t see the picture,(i tried to refresh it), penguins are my sons favorite animal. And a giggle came out of his mouth when he told me of the jackass penguin 🙂
    Yes, among other things, YouTube is feeding it, i struggled with letting my hubby put a Rocky parody on there, i made him take the names off. Have a great day, keep the random thoughts coming.

  3. Home Engineer,

    Strange. I turned off my computer and re-booted and the picture reappeared. Glad to tickle your son’s funny bone.

  4. i see the picture now, very cute.

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