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I received an invitation to a country club in Clayton to hear Rick Warren (author of the best seller, “The Purpose Driven Life”).  My inviter (who I did not know) said over the phone, “tie and jacket required.”  This statement instantly made me uncomfortable.   I wouldn’t volunteer to go to such venues (bad memories).  I complied and wore a suit and tie.  I laughed (to myself of course) when I noticed that our speaker, Rick Warren, did not have a tie on.  I later heard a hilarious story from a friend who is white (who also attended but didn’t have a tie on).  Let’s call him, “Tim.”  Tim saw a good friend at this gathering who is an African American professor.  In a context that requires some level of sophistication and ‘high brow’ manners and stocism, Tim came behind his African American friend and started to nibble on his neck.  This is hilarious – in  a context when one needs to be ‘refined’, but Tim did otherwise.  Now, that’s pretty cool.


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