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  1. I like change and my favorite color is blue.  Thus a new look for the blog.
  2. I played basketball with my son and some of his friends on Wed, March 21.  It cost me dearly.  I keep forgetting that I am 47 years old.  That competitive nature surfaces; what can I say.
  3. Oprah is a religion; she embodies that religion and it is attractive.  The Christian church can learn a great deal from Oprah.
  4. Saying ‘no’ is a wise move sometimes even when the ‘thing to do’ is good.
  5. Being cynical is quite harmful; better to be realistic and discerning.
  6. Technology has its pluses – see “Baby Amelia” under the blogroll.
  7. I’ve been thinking about walking into a tanning business and see how people react.
  8. I’ve been thinking about walking up to a house that has one of those ‘all guests are welcomed’ signs on the front porch and see how the owners react. (This is probably not a good idea considering that I live in the suburbs.)

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  1. ha. if you do the tanning salon thing can i come with you to see their reaction. that would be awesome.

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