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My wife and I were talking last night.  She met someone who has similar career aspirations, ambitions, etc.; so they were an encouragement to one another.  This morning she told me that this lady’s husband is an airline pilot.  Rita went on to tell me that the husband who was piloting a flight on September 11, 2001 from Boston had to be re-routed and was not allowed to call his wife.   When my wife told me that her friend’s husband was an airline pilot, I automatically assumed the couple was white.  I was right because this is ‘normal.’  That is, the percentage of non-white pilots is minuscule.  What I long for is a ‘different normal.’  By this I mean, I long for a day in which it is normal that occupations traditionally held by whites will also be held by non-whites.  In other words, I long for the day when my assumptions are proved wrong; when I don’t make correlations between race and profession.


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