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Monthly Archives: April 2007

  1. I am glad that there are dashed lines to separate lanes along the street.  This helps maintain order.
  2. I love technology.  I made a living by technology.  I worry about the DVD screens in automobiles.  DVD screens keep kids and others occupied and peace and quiet is the lovely result.  However, is there a ‘cost’?  DVD screens seem to separate parents from their kids.  In other words, one forfeits those unscripted, unexpected and memorable moments in the car.  In sum, technology use is not neutral; there is a ‘cost.’

I have tried not to use my blog to ‘showcase’ my Christianity but I can not avoid it this time.  I have been praying since December 2006 that a close cousin who had been evicted from her home  and living as a nomad be located and that I would be notified that she was ok.  Last night, she left a voice mail on our home phone!  Then today, my adminstrative assistant, encouraged me with these words: ‘it has been enjoyable to work for you.’  These are God’s amazing graces!

My daughter, who is a senior at a high school in the county (of St. Louis), amazed us today. [The dominant culture of course at her high school is white.]  A little background – my daughter is uninterested in sports.  She doesn’t play sports.  She has taken her text book to my son’s baseball games; that should give you some idea.   My daughter completed a NCAA basketball tournament bracket along with several students at her high school.  To our amazement (and especially to the amazement of a school mate who thought he was a sure bet to win), our daughter won.  Here’s the funny part, she won several prizes: a basketball (makes sense), smoothie gift certificates, and a certificate to a tanning company.  I suggested we go to the tanning company just to see the folks’ reaction.  We suggested she return the gift certificate and ask for a more ‘culturally sensitive’ gift.

  1. My sister told me tonight that an old flame google’d me!  What a stroke to my ego.  That made my day! (I am just be honest here!)
  2. I am bored with the status quo of doing church.
  3. I am looking for a place where I ‘fit’; I don’t fit in some church contexts and I don’t fit in some academic contexts.  I have all these credentials (according to my wife) yet why is it so difficult to find a place where I ‘fit’?
  4. I am having trouble getting out of bed in the morning.  What does this mean?
  5. I am reading a troubling thick book: “War Against the Weak” by Edwin Black.  In general the book is about America and its effort to propagate a superior race (which means some people were sterilized; some people were [are still] counted as ‘expendable’ or a burden to society.)  This effort is called eugenics (=good genes).  Little known secret that eugenics was started in the US and borrowed by the Germans.  Also little known secret that some household names funded the eugenics movement in the US: Rockefeller and Carnegie.
  6. I told a friend to find his affirmation in his relationship with Christ.  We can’t always count on affirmation from others.


Blooming Bradford Pear Trees line our neighborhood street. 


This is a Star Magnolia Tree up close and personal!