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  1. My sister told me tonight that an old flame google’d me!  What a stroke to my ego.  That made my day! (I am just be honest here!)
  2. I am bored with the status quo of doing church.
  3. I am looking for a place where I ‘fit’; I don’t fit in some church contexts and I don’t fit in some academic contexts.  I have all these credentials (according to my wife) yet why is it so difficult to find a place where I ‘fit’?
  4. I am having trouble getting out of bed in the morning.  What does this mean?
  5. I am reading a troubling thick book: “War Against the Weak” by Edwin Black.  In general the book is about America and its effort to propagate a superior race (which means some people were sterilized; some people were [are still] counted as ‘expendable’ or a burden to society.)  This effort is called eugenics (=good genes).  Little known secret that eugenics was started in the US and borrowed by the Germans.  Also little known secret that some household names funded the eugenics movement in the US: Rockefeller and Carnegie.
  6. I told a friend to find his affirmation in his relationship with Christ.  We can’t always count on affirmation from others.

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  1. Luke,
    Lately, I have known a lot about feeling like I don’t fit in. I have really been encouraged by you though in a few of my most difficult times this past year. Thanks for the many reminders that my significance and worth is not determined by what I accomplish or do “successfully” but it is found in Christ. I do hope you are encourage by the message of the gospel as well this day. Thanks also for your transparency with your life

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