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My daughter, who is a senior at a high school in the county (of St. Louis), amazed us today. [The dominant culture of course at her high school is white.]  A little background – my daughter is uninterested in sports.  She doesn’t play sports.  She has taken her text book to my son’s baseball games; that should give you some idea.   My daughter completed a NCAA basketball tournament bracket along with several students at her high school.  To our amazement (and especially to the amazement of a school mate who thought he was a sure bet to win), our daughter won.  Here’s the funny part, she won several prizes: a basketball (makes sense), smoothie gift certificates, and a certificate to a tanning company.  I suggested we go to the tanning company just to see the folks’ reaction.  We suggested she return the gift certificate and ask for a more ‘culturally sensitive’ gift.


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