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  1. I am glad that there are dashed lines to separate lanes along the street.  This helps maintain order.
  2. I love technology.  I made a living by technology.  I worry about the DVD screens in automobiles.  DVD screens keep kids and others occupied and peace and quiet is the lovely result.  However, is there a ‘cost’?  DVD screens seem to separate parents from their kids.  In other words, one forfeits those unscripted, unexpected and memorable moments in the car.  In sum, technology use is not neutral; there is a ‘cost.’

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  1. Good thoughts on the DVDs vans, Luke. Marcie and I got one of these, but we got one that can come out– it attaches to the back of the headrests. This was so that we could use it for trips, but not face the temptation of it for regular “around town” driving. We’ve agreed that it stays in the closet unless we’ll be driving for more than 90 minutes one-way. Even then, we limit viewing to 30 minutes for every 90-120 minute driving stretch, at most.

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