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Recently, I went to an orthopedic doctor for a follow up exam.  A brief history – I hurt my right leg playing basketball on March 21.  After an X-ray, an emergency or urgent care doctor said I had an hair-line fracture.  Well, I immediately made an appointment with this orthopedic doctor.  He said, ‘we don’t need to put your leg in a cast.  Just let pain be your guide in terms of how much you do.’  So, I went back for a follow up visit on April 26 to the same orthopedic.  I laughed to myself when he took hold of my left leg and began twisting it, examining it, bending it, contorting it and said, ‘it appears like it is mending well.’  All the while he was examining my left leg, I was laughing to myself because it was actually my right leg that I injured.  I went along not to embarrass him.  I guess if I had seriously hurt my leg then I would have said something to him.

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