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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Ok, maybe I being to picky (or anal) here.  (Or maybe I have too much time on my hands.)  However, you often hear people say, ‘take care’  after finishing a personal or phone visit.  I returned some books to the library today and I happened to mosey over to the reference section.  Here you can find books on English slangs and idioms.  So, I looked up the phrase ‘take care’ but didn’t find any entry.  So, what does it mean when someone tells you, “take care”?  Does it mean to ‘take care of yourself’ or ‘take care of a pressing matter’?  Any thoughts from those who travel in the blog-isphere?

Take care!

  1. World Champions of Baseball.  The St. Louis Cardinals have the World Champion crown and trophy.  The Cardinals played all United States teams last year to win the baseball’s highest honor. So, why are they the world champions?
  2. Arm rests.  When I climb into a seat on a plane  or bus I am often confused (and angered) about something.  Why do some passengers just naturally assume they can rest their arms without consideration of their neighbor resting his or her arm?  Is this something you just grin and bear instead of creating a commotion?
  3. Blacks – Why?  If you are an African American and visit this blog, please comment on this point.  Why is that we pass each other on the street yet do not make eye contact or speak?  (I am speaking in general terms but this does happen frequently.) I thought this was a rare thing and happened in St. Louis only to find it on the campus of Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) during a short visit with my daughter.  Black students took one look at me and then turned the other way?  What’s going on?

Isn’t it odd that some people are fairly quiet and introverted while others are so outgoing and bubbly?  My younger sister is bubbly; I am quiet.  My sister (as well as my son) are like people magnets.  I don’t think I am  a people magnet.  Some people are upbeat and wear a smile; I am not like this.   Why the noticeable difference? Is it confidence?  Is it one’s home envir0nment that determines the temperment?  Isn’t it odd how people are so different?

740820-r1-065-31.jpg 740820-r1-065-31.jpgApril Barber + me

740820-r1-067-32.jpg The Padgetts – Emmalee and Tim + me

740820-r1-069-33.jpg Mark Peach, Bailey Mohr + me

all smiles at the Chesterfield Mall food court; good friends, ok food.

I just completed the book, “Through Gates of Splendor” by Elisabeth Elliot.  It is the account of her late husband Jim along with four other men who paid the ultimate price for trying to reach the Aucas (a primitive Indian tribe in South America) with the message of the Christian gospel in the 1950s.  These men were killed by seven Aucas (we know that it was seven because 2 of the killers later became Christians through the efforts of the widows and others.)  There are several moving statements in the book.   This one ranks high on my list:

“It is not the level of our spirituality that we can depend on.  It is God and nothing less than God, for the work is God’s and the call is God’s and everything is summoned by Him and to His purposes, the whole scene, the whole mess, the whole package – our bravery and our cowardice, our love and our selfishness, our strengths and our weaknesses.” 

As I write this, I am sitting in a car dealership lounge; it’s a waiting area for customers who are waiting on mechanics to finish scheduled or unscheduled maintenance on their car.  So, I waiting patiently (and cynically) for my vehicle.  You see, I have a confession: I have a deep seated distrust of car mechanics.  More specifically, I have a deep seated distrust of all car mechanics and those smiling service consultants.  The consultants are those who approach you so innocently with a smile and seem so caring.  After disarming you, they then recommend other repairs.  I have been burned so many times by car mechanics, consultants and salesmen.  However, I know this is not fair to regard all these folks the same.  Yes, this is an unfair generalization.  I need help.

I just returned from Goiania, Goias (in the country of Brazil).  What a wonderful trip it was.  One of my colleagues asked me, ‘how do you feel here in Brazil?’  He was really asking, ‘what is it like being an African American in Brazil?’  I answered this way – this is one place where I am not being judged by the color of my skin; people are actually listening to me.  Brazil is truly a place where Brazilians come in many shapes, shades, and sizes.  Brazilians come from England, Africa, Korean, Italy, etc.  So there is not one dominant race.  Racism is nil; but classism is the vice.  Ironically, there is international pressure being exerted on Brazilian institutions to reserve spots for blacks.  Remember racism is nil; but outsiders are trying to make race an issue in a country where race is not an issue.  My host (a Brazilian) says Brazilians are upset and he predicts that this mandate will loose steam.