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  1. World Champions of Baseball.  The St. Louis Cardinals have the World Champion crown and trophy.  The Cardinals played all United States teams last year to win the baseball’s highest honor. So, why are they the world champions?
  2. Arm rests.  When I climb into a seat on a plane  or bus I am often confused (and angered) about something.  Why do some passengers just naturally assume they can rest their arms without consideration of their neighbor resting his or her arm?  Is this something you just grin and bear instead of creating a commotion?
  3. Blacks – Why?  If you are an African American and visit this blog, please comment on this point.  Why is that we pass each other on the street yet do not make eye contact or speak?  (I am speaking in general terms but this does happen frequently.) I thought this was a rare thing and happened in St. Louis only to find it on the campus of Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) during a short visit with my daughter.  Black students took one look at me and then turned the other way?  What’s going on?

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