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Ok, maybe I being to picky (or anal) here.  (Or maybe I have too much time on my hands.)  However, you often hear people say, ‘take care’  after finishing a personal or phone visit.  I returned some books to the library today and I happened to mosey over to the reference section.  Here you can find books on English slangs and idioms.  So, I looked up the phrase ‘take care’ but didn’t find any entry.  So, what does it mean when someone tells you, “take care”?  Does it mean to ‘take care of yourself’ or ‘take care of a pressing matter’?  Any thoughts from those who travel in the blog-isphere?

Take care!

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  1. I’m really surprised that the phrase is not in a slang dictionary. I’ve started using “take care” as my standard goodbye phrase. I work in retail sales, so I am saying hello and goodbye to people all day long. I often also use “take care” to close my e-mails. I guess I mean something like “take care of yourself” when I say it.

    I like it because I think it’s a versatile phrase. Actually saying, “goodbye,” seems too definite and/or permanent. Saying, “See you later,” or “Talk to you later,” might not be true. For e-mail, “Sincerely” is too formal. I think by saying “take care” I am recognizing the value of the person as an Image-bearer and affirming that I do want the person to take care of him- or herself because of that value. It works even when I don’t particularly care for the person, becuase I still recognize that somebody should care for him.

    That’s probably a little more in depth than you were looking for. But, strangely enough, I have actually given this topic some thought even before you posted on it.

    Take care.

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