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I have some very close relationships that I regret; specifically, I regret that these relationships are relationally-challenged.  These are relationships were scars run deep; relationships that are awkward; these are relationships where communication is often difficult.  But here’s the rub (especially for Christians like myself):  I need to make the first move to make these relationships better.  Most times this is hard work.  It is hard work because often times those we have strained relationships with are geographically distance, emotionally distance, and relationally distance.  Nonetheless, I am haunted by the truth that I must at least reach out even if the person does not recipocate. 



  1. I feel your pain.

    I have had some of the same issues, and have done the

    “Im sorry for what I did to you when I was lost. I didnt have God in my life, and I was a terrible person.”

    and sometimes they wanted to improve the relationship & other times not.

    I just wanted to give you (((hugs)))

  2. Why on earth would you reach out if there’s no reciprocation and a poor/bad relationship?

    Have more self-respect – if something doesn’t work, move on. That’s respecting the God within you and without you.


    Ms Manners.

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