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I know the title seems a bit odd: ‘image and fawn.’  First, I hit a fawn today.  Much damage to my vehicle; and the beautiful fawn died.  I have been driving this street for 5 years now so the likelihood of my car having a unscheduled rendezvous with a deer/fawn was bound to happen as this stretch is heavily populated with deer (esp. this time of year).  This means calling my insurance company, paying a deductible, and finding a way to get around while the vehicle is being repaired.  O Joy!

Now the ‘image’ in the title.  We are selling my daughter’s car.  So, I drove it to an old parking lot for greater visibility.  This parking lot happens to be near a grocery store.  Since I needed the exercise (I always need exercise), I decided to drive and park the car and do some light grocery shopping and walk back home.  The distance to the store and our home is about 0.5 miles.  Two light bags and my mp3 player – a piece of cake!  I told my brilliant 18 year old daughter my plan and she said, “When people see you they will think you don’t have a car.”  My daughter was really saying, having a car is about status or image.  Her conclusion: for her dad to walk home with two bags would mean that I have no status or image.  For many adolescents, it’s all about image.


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  1. Glad you are o.k. after the accident with the fawn. I hope you are applying what you so often encouraged me to apply, that is, that the gospel has made it so that our true status in Jesus Christ. This is such a relief to me in this world driven by status and image.

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