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Paradox. It’s a paradox: I have ‘more time’ to blog but can’t find the time to do it.   Go figure.

Grudgingly. People grudgingly go to work.  However, bills makes us overcome this attitude of very quickly.   People grudgingly give to charities but often feel better afterwards.  My wife grudgingly goes to our son’s sporting events even though she is not a sports fan.  Grandchildren grudgingly visit their grandparents.  People grudgingly attend afternoon church events but often get something out of it.  People grudgingly do things that are good and often have to put on a ‘good face’ to do it.  I grudgingly visit the elderly in nursing homes because some places can be so depressing yet I am often encouraged and the patient is certainly encouraged.  But all this seems so hyprocritical or seems like pretending.  However, C. S. Lewis helps here when he talks doing things under pretense.  He writes:

 “There is a bad kind, where the pretense is there instead of the real thing; as when a man pretends he is going to help you instead of really helping you. But there is also a good kind, where the pretense leads up to the real thing. When you are not feeling particularly friendly but know you ought to be, the best thing you can do, very often, is to put on a friendly manner and behave as if you were a nicer person than you actually are. And in a few minutes, as we have all noticed, you will be really feeling friendlier than you were…Let us pretend in order to make the pretence into a reality. C. David Hess, “Hypocrisy Has Its Good Side”

If there is a good kind of pretense that leads to the real thing, maybe there is a good side to doing things grudgingly. 


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