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Monthly Archives: September 2007

I picked up my cell phone yesterday from a church at the intersection of Shaw and Tower Grove in South St. Louis.  I missed the little gadget.  I confess that I have become dependent upon it like most Americans.  My son (13 years old) raised a good point when he said, “It’s a good thing you did not mail it outside the state!”  Yes, I am thankful my blunder took minimum effort to rectify.


My daughter who is a freshman at Indiana University sent this video clip to me.  It speaks for itself.

Regarding my post on girls’ clothes, one mother reminded me that often low rise jeans are the only type on jean on the clothing rack.  It seems to me we need ‘other voices’ in the clothing industry.

I chuckle out loud when I see young men running across the street while holding up their pants (pants worn loose and on their behinds); and I laugh when I see girls who are sitting and pulling down an already tight/short blouse to cover their backsides which are exposed because of low rise jeans.  If you ask me that’s a lot of unnecessary work.  Just makes sense to me for the young men to wear a belt and young ladies to wear modest clothing that covers up everything.  But maybe I am just too old fashion?

Be careful who you make fun of.  I am always making fun of my wife for her forgetfulness, etc.  Well the joke is on me now or as my parents would say, “eat crow.”  On Saturday, September 8 I went to get a haircut.  On my way back home, I stopped at the Post Office to mail some brochures in a large envelope.  ‘So far, so good’, they say.  On Sunday, I looked for my small cell phone – inside the house, inside the car, etc.  I traced my steps.  I had the cell phone on Friday; I had the cell phone before I got a haircut.  I went back to the Post Office to see if I had left it there.  No luck.  Case solved: I inadvertently mailed my cell phone with the brochures.  Embarrassed I told my wife.  However, it has been good not to have a cell phone for the last few days.

luggage2.jpgluggage1.jpgluggage1.jpgluggage.jpgluggage.jpgI went to the St. Louis Airport today to handle some business.  As I stood there at the counter, I overheard one of the clerks say, “your bags are over weight by 3 lbs, that will be $25.”  Sure enough, I looked around and I noticed a sign which gave penalties for overweight luggage.  The sign read, ” 0-50 lbs free, 51-70 lbs $25, 71lbs and up $50.”  I am confused because years ago a plane allegedly crashed because of several overweight bags.  From my past engineering career with Boeing, I know that one primary goal of airplane manufacturers is to keep the weight down; this saves on fuel, this faciliates air lift of this massive machine off the ground, etc.    [Pick up many birds and one can tell they were designed for flight because they are so light.] So, the passenger with overweight bags is penalized.  The airline gets more money but don’t we have the same problem we are are trying to avoid – planes with overweight bags?  I am confused?