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luggage2.jpgluggage1.jpgluggage1.jpgluggage.jpgluggage.jpgI went to the St. Louis Airport today to handle some business.  As I stood there at the counter, I overheard one of the clerks say, “your bags are over weight by 3 lbs, that will be $25.”  Sure enough, I looked around and I noticed a sign which gave penalties for overweight luggage.  The sign read, ” 0-50 lbs free, 51-70 lbs $25, 71lbs and up $50.”  I am confused because years ago a plane allegedly crashed because of several overweight bags.  From my past engineering career with Boeing, I know that one primary goal of airplane manufacturers is to keep the weight down; this saves on fuel, this faciliates air lift of this massive machine off the ground, etc.    [Pick up many birds and one can tell they were designed for flight because they are so light.] So, the passenger with overweight bags is penalized.  The airline gets more money but don’t we have the same problem we are are trying to avoid – planes with overweight bags?  I am confused?

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