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I chuckle out loud when I see young men running across the street while holding up their pants (pants worn loose and on their behinds); and I laugh when I see girls who are sitting and pulling down an already tight/short blouse to cover their backsides which are exposed because of low rise jeans.  If you ask me that’s a lot of unnecessary work.  Just makes sense to me for the young men to wear a belt and young ladies to wear modest clothing that covers up everything.  But maybe I am just too old fashion?

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  1. I’ve thought the same thing about those boys. “Why do they want to go through all that effort to have their pants half-way down their boxers, then have to hold them up and walk funny just to get from here to there?” I saw a kid last week running to catch the bus. With a LOT of effort, both the kid AND his pants caught the bus.

    And, yes, you are most likely “old-fashioned.” It’s hard to even FIND anything but low-rise pants for women. Or even for my girls! I can consider it a blessing that our seminary budget necessitates the use of thrift stores. Plenty of old-fashioned pants in these places. And my girls are still young enough to think my thrift store treasure hunts are fun.

    Old-fashioned, but not nearly as tired after crossing the street.

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