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raccoon.jpgMy wife, son, and I heard the sound of an unwelcomed visitor in our attic.  Our friend has come back.  Yes, our raccoon friend or perhaps a relative was back.  My wife said to me, “it’s tough being the protective husband at moments like this…isn’t it?”  I said yes.  Raccoons (I have been told) are no wussies.  They will stare you down!  So imagine my fear of climbing into the attic only to meet an animal that has an attitude.  I envisioned like last year fighting with a raccoon and falling through the ceiling.  And as one student of mine said, “you will be making memories.”  Yeah, a memory at my expense.  Well, this story has a happy ending.  I had a two phase strategy.  First, I peppered the attic with moth balls (another student told me that raccoons abhor the smell.)  Second, I patched up the entry way (the little critter had peeled back some siding and boldly came on in.)  Once again, my confrontation with a raccoon has been averted.

Until next year!

-The End


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