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I hear that Cosby is making his rounds on the speaking circuit talking about the plight of young black men.  I heard from a friend that the high school drop out rate for black men is near or greater than 50%.  Even fewer go and graduate from college.  A good friend works in one of the historic black high schools in St. Louis and he tells me that many young high school age black men have no father at home so they laugh at any and most authority figures (principals, teachers, etc.).  All these stats about the young black male just break my heart!  The problem/issue is so obvious.  It’s like the big elephant in the room; it’s unavoidable.  The black family (biological father + biological mother + kids) has been literally decimated.  The family is vitally important.  It’s no wonder that without a family structure, that kids go astray.  I often feel guilty.  I often question, ‘what is my role’?  Can I do more than raise and provide a godly model for my son?  I firmly believe that just because I am geographically removed from the city and these young black men, I am still affected as well as all city, rural and county dwellers.  What to do?

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