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Oftentimes when we see or hear the words, “mistaken identity”, it is normally related to a person being arrested who fit a description. However, after further review, it is later discovered that is was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ (or the wrong person was arrested). 

On a more lighter note, people have mistaken me for another person’s identity.  Consider these few examples.  Two ladies at a local FedEx Kinkos say I resemble Cuba Gooding, Jr.  One lady went to great lengths on a particular morning to point me out to her mother.  My wife and son say, “please.”  And when I went to Israel in November 1992 some Israeli kids asked me (no kidding): “Are you Michael Jordan?”  Now, I can play a little basketball and my skin is the same color as MJ’s.  I thought about it and the potential money maker this could be but my character convinced me to say no.


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