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Today, I went back to my old ‘stomping grounds’, Covenant Theological Seminary, for a baby shower for a dear friend (I am glad we did not play any games).  The reception I received from former co-workers made me feel like a ‘rock star.’  I do miss the people there something terrible (maybe I should get some counseling).  Nonetheless, I bumped into a dear friend who told me that she was getting married in a few weeks.  Needless to say, I was happy for her and I also commended her.  I met her fiancee.  He is a teacher and is slightly balding.  So, what did I commend her about?  Now, she is an attractive young lady.  I commended her for this: many young ladies go after the guy who has a full head of hair, well built, etc.  (You know what I mean because our culture is relentless in convincing us of this message.  Just look at all the ‘beautiful people’ who get married in Hollywood.  )  I commended her because she did not fall for these trappings; rather, she fell for someone with character.  I told her, “Your husband’s and your character will get you through the ups and downs of marriage; not attractiveness.”  Unfortunately, too many people learn this lesson the hard way!

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