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photography_14384349-0b83-47e0-8557-777fc4ae3f9b_34x59.jpgphotography_14384349-0b83-47e0-8557-777fc4ae3f9b_34x59.jpgToday, a colleague of mine and I were returning to workphotography_14384349-0b83-47e0-8557-777fc4ae3f9b_34x59.jpgphotography_14384349-0b83-47e0-8557-777fc4ae3f9b_34x59.jpg after lunch.  (Another car full of colleagues had already left: destination – work.)  My colleague made a sharp right hand turn (hugging the curb) out of the lot to only be greeted by a lady who made a rather wide right turn.  So wide that she almost hit us head on.  The other motorist was driving a Jaguar.  My colleague and I quickly wondered out loud: do people who drive nice cars have a sense of entitlement that even extends to driving privileges or liberties?  In other words, (and generally speaking) do those who are ‘well to do’ expect privileges (with no questions asked) because of their socio-economic status? We might ask this way, is Miranda’s character in Devil Wears Prada a case where art intimates life?  Maybe I am just cynical and this is my over active imagination? (By the way, my colleague is a white lady (late 40s?); I rarely mention such things but I think this is interesting that a black person and white person asked the same question.  Yet we both admit to being jaded or cynical too.)  And for those who think I am over reacting (and I probably am) instances like this have happened before.


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