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My wife and I went to a Nutcracker ballet (I guess this is what one calls such things; I have been deprived of such things.).  Nonetheless, the ballet was beautifully and masterfully done – the costumes, the set, the dancers, etc.  We went to see a friend’s daughter; she is tall African American young lady (high school age) and is so graceful gliding across the stage.  She recently went to New York, competed, and won awards.  We are proud to know and support her. I am convinced that she was made for ballet.  I am so amazed; amazed that these ladies don’t break their toes when they put their full body weight on these 10 little body members.  (I have been told; ladies do break their toes on occasion…ouch!) Yet, as they did their ballet/dance routines, there was no grimacing and but rather beautiful smiles.  Amazing and Bravo!


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