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Today, we (me along with my colleagues at work) had our annual Christmas lunch.  We exchanged gifts.  Then around the table were small groups huddled talking about this or that.  One guy (an ex-policeman) in my little group of 3 was talking about the many times he was propositioned by females when he was still an officer.  He told of another instance where one of his colleagues – an African American – came to the office befuddled.  My colleague asked his police friend, what is the matter?  The African American recounted this story.  He had pulled over an Asian woman for speeding.  And the Asian woman said something like this, “I have never slept with an African American man; take me home now and sleep with me.”  Those colleagues who overheard our conservations says it boils down to the ‘uniform.’  The uniform speaks of authority and power and ladies are apparently attracted to the ‘uniform.’  My colleague (the ex-police officer) told story after story where he was solicited by viritual strangers to have sex.  What’s going here?


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