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I remember interviewing a white St. Louis University (SLU) math professor for a PhD project.  I know this guy fairly well but apparently he did not know me very well.  I told him that I held three degrees: a bachelor and master of science in electrical engineering and a  master of divinity.  And I also told him that I was working on a PhD.  I also told him that I was a minister.  With amazement, he said something like, “You are an unusual (or atypical) black minister.”  I knew exactly what he meant; this was by no means a derogatory statement.  He meant that many black ministers are not educated in particular and that many blacks are not educated in general.   I wish that many of my black brothers and sisters would take full advantage of the privileges earned by the likes of King and others.  In many ways, I wish I were not the exception but the rule.  On the eve of Dr. King’s birthday celebration, I wish what is ‘unusual was usual.’ 


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