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Minnie is our dog; she is a beagle mix.  A couple of days ago, I took Minnie for a walk (she gets so excited whenever she sees that pink leash in my hand).  It can be frustrating walking Minnie because of her beagle influence.  Beagles have a sensitive nose so every few steps Minnie firmly and resolutely stops and holds her ground defiantly to sniff.  This brings me to the first lesson: be who I am.   It is obvious that Minnie has beagle DNA by her behavior; sniffing is who she is.  My behavior should be in concert or consistent with who I am.  Otherwise, I am a phony or hypocrite.  The second lesson is this: clean up after oneself.  When Minnie does a ‘number 2’, it’s hilarious to see those two hind legs rhythmically kicking up grass and leaves in the direction of the target mound but often missing the target.  Nonetheless she is cleaning up after herself.


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