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What happens when an establishment sells Starbucks coffee without abiding by their size distinctions (tall, grande, venti)?  Answer: communication problems.  I ordered a ‘tall’ black coffee at this said establishment.  The barista served up a ‘tall’ alright but in the Starbucks world, it was actually a venti.  And when she brought it to me, I said to her, “I ordered a tall.”  She said, “I thought you ordered a tall?”  I said, “I did order a ‘tall’ but that’s a venti.”  A ‘tall’ is a small in Starbucks vernacular.  “Ohhh”, she said, “someone else came in a few days ago and we had this same conversation that a ‘tall’ is a small and a ‘venti’ is a large.”  There’s a cross-cultural message or illustration in this scenario somewhere!


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