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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Have you ever seen a 85 year old man cry?  A man who was a star athlete in high school; he was so good that he almost went pro but the Navy and WWII was calling.  A man who was an excellent brick mason; a man who built with his own hands an addition to his home.  My granddad – Henry Bobo – often cried tears of disappointment because my brother had not visited him since his illness and his wife’s (my grandmother) illness.  On Saturday, February 16 tears of disappointment turned to tears of joy when my granddad saw my brother.   I am glad I was there to witness this!


I gave a good friend a preview of this blog this morning.  I remember leaving my home and traveling on a street when I noticed a black wallet lying in the street.  I stopped my car and retrieved the wallet.  (And yes, I did check to see if there was money in the wallet – who wouldn’t?).  Inside the wallet was a driver’s license and high school student ID card among other things.  The next day I mailed the wallet to the high school in hopes that the administration would promptly return it to the student.  I did this several months ago; I think before Christmas.  What’s wrong about this picture?  I didn’t get a ‘thank you’ card from the male student.   Now, I not one to demand a ‘thank you’ but I wonder if this is just a fluke or is this indicative of some young people today (an aversion to say ‘thank you’)?  Is this a sense of entitlement operating here? (I’ve written about entitlement before somewhere on this blog.)

Yesterday as I drove home I noticed three teenagers: an African American guy; and two white females.  Multicultural ‘tribes’ like this are very common and I am elated about it.  Something else that is common: young men wearing baggy pants that fall below their waistlines with ‘boxers’ visible.  This fashion style transcends race, nationality, etc.  For instance, in July 2005 I saw male college students at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) wearing their pants the same way.  However, yesterday I think my ‘eyes were failing me’ because I believe that one of the white young ladies was wearing her pants like her male friend?  Yes, her pants were baggy and sagging below her waistline. I don’t think this is a fluke as I remember seeing a young lady on the campus of Lindenwood University wearing her pants below her waistline.  What’s going on?

obamaobamaobamaobamaIn June 1963, Governor George Wallace disobeyed a court order and blocked the entrance of the University of Alabama (in Tuscaloosa) so that African American students could not enter.   Just 10 years later, Wallace confined to a wheel chair crowned the University of Alabama’s first Black Homecoming Queen in 1973.  Now in 2008, presidential hopeful, Obama (a black man), as one headline read, “… wins [the] Alabama [primary] by a wide margin”  on “SuperTuesday”, February 5.  While we don’t know the future of the campaign, we can say this, this campaign has not only generated a lot of buzz and excitement (for example, on SuperTuesday – some voting places in California ran out of ballots!) but Obama (as one friend said), “has seemingly brought the nation together.”  It is exciting to be living in this moment of history!